Need Our Cybersecurity Outline? You Got It!


♦Cybersecurity on Everyone’s Radar♦

We’ve had a flurry of requests lately for the outline of our 2019 Cybersecurity course. This surge in interest coincides with the release of the National Futures Association’s Notice to Members I-19-0 (effective April 1), which requires Members to identify specific topical areas covered in their training programs.

Hundreds of firms rely on our Cybersecurity training course, because it covers all the topical areas regulators are looking for. View our Cybersecurity course outline here.

NTM I-19-0 mandates training of employees upon hiring, at least annually thereafter, and more frequently if circumstances warrant (such as in the event of an attempted or successful cyber attack). To order Cybersecurity training for your staff, click here.

We will serve as your “keeper of training records.” Administrators for each firm on our learning system can access records and certificates online, but can always relay on us to produce records ASAP. Our archive of course completion records stretches back 25 years!