Our “Bad Actor” bundle

♦Cybersecurity & Identity Theft Prevention: Bundle Up!♦

Cybersecurity and Identity Theft Prevention training are closely related and equally important. In both areas, bad actors prey upon unsuspecting or ill-prepared victims.

To help you protect against today’s pervasive cyber and identity threats, we’re bundling the 2019 versions of these popular courses.

This packaging coincides with the April 1 effective date of the National Futures Association’s Notice to Members I-19-01, which requires cybersecurity training of employees upon hiring, at least annually thereafter, and more frequently if circumstances warrant (such as in the event of an attempted or successful cyber attack).

Purchased individually, Cybersecurity training is $35 per person and Identity Theft Prevention is $25 per person. Purchased together the bundle is just $45/pp. If your firm has already rolled out training for one of these courses in 2019, we’ll be happy to complete your bundle at this time. Learn more and order training.