Robert Bigman

President 2BSecure

Robert Bigman is the president of 2BSecure, a privately held information security consulting company.  In this role, Mr. Bigman provides direct cyber consulting services to CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and government and business technology leaders.  Consulting services include cyber security risk assessments, cyber security program reviews, programmatic and technical security recommendation, briefings/training and policy/standards development.

Mr. Bigman is a former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Mr. Bigman retired from the CIA after serving a thirty-year distinguished career.  Recognized as a pioneer in the field of classified information protection, Mr. Bigman developed technical measures and procedures to manage the United States’ most sensitive secrets.  As an information security trailblazer, Mr. Bigman participated in developing security measures for Government computers well before the commercial industry found the internet.  He then developed creative solutions to allow the CIA to use the internet to further its mission without exposure.  With twenty-five years of experience, Mr. Bigman worked in every area of information and data security, the last fifteen years as the CIA’s CISO.  As the CISO, Mr. Bigman managed a large organization of technical and program officers responsible for the protection of all CIA information.  His responsibilities included: cryptography, information security policy/processes, standards and requirements, testing and network defense/response.  Mr. Bigman also served as the CIA’s designated officer for all discussions with the information security industry and its commercial partners.  Mr. Bigman has contributed to almost every intelligence community information security policy/technical standard and has provided numerous briefings to the National Security Council, Congress and presidential commissions.  Mr. Bigman’s earlier assignments at the CIA included participation in the technical design of the intelligence community’s first counterterrorism database and delivery of the CIA’s first secure TCP/IP local and wide area network for the Counterintelligence Center.  In recognition of his expertise and contributions, Mr. Bigman has received numerous CIA and Director of National Intelligence awards.

 Mr. Bigman is now an independent consultant and works with U.S. Government, foreign governments and top 50 Fortune corporations, helping them both build productive cyber security programs and successfully resist attacks from the most sophisticated hackers.  Examples of his engagements include working with: financial institutions to re-engineer their network and desktop defenses to reduce the risk of sophisticated (i.e., Nation-State) hacking; a large ISP to reorganize their entire corporate cyber security program and develop new program charters and technical security policies; a medical device manufacturer to ensure that their in-body monitoring devices exhibit the highest level of system, application and network security; and a customer service organization to ensure that their internet/web services both satisfy security and privacy regulations and adequately protect sensitive consumer privacy information.

Mr. Bigman also provides cyber security program and technical training to global government and private organizations.  His training activities include cyber awareness programs for boards of directors, cyber threats/vulnerabilities and secure design requirements briefings for IT system architects/engineers, cyber security policy training for IT security professionals and general cyber security training for all employee levels/types within an organization.  Mr. Bigman is also the author of a comprehensive course entitled: “Building a High Performance Cyber Security Program.”  Mr. Bigman contrinbutes to a number of cyber security blogs and frequently appears on cyber security meda outlets including web pod cast, audio and television.  His company, 2BSecure, is located in Rockville, Maryland and additional information is available at