Initial Futures Ethics
$75 | 90-120 minutes

This comprehensive course is specifically designed to satisfy CFTC and NFA ethics training requirements and expectations for newly registered NFA Associated Persons (APs) and individuals who have yet to complete a futures industry ethics training program. Initially introduced by Exchange Analytics in 1995, this course has since been completed by tens of thousands of APs and has become a cornerstone of new AP training. In preparation for 2024, this course has undergone substantial improvements to ensure its enduring relevance and effectiveness.

Periodic Futures Ethics (Institutional)
$45 | 50-60 minutes

This is a refresher version of our Initial Futures Ethics training and is expected to be taken at least every three years. This version is meant for that deal primarily with institutional clients or qualified investors, emphasizing trade practice requirements – particularly at the exchanges – and other transactional issues.

Major revisions and updates for 2024!

  • Initial Futures Ethics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Customer Protection Rule
Periodic Futures Ethics (Retail)
$45 | 50-60 minutes

This is a refresher version of our Initial Futures Ethics training and is expected to be taken at least every three years. This version of Periodic Ethics focuses on retail topics, emphasizing sales practice requirements and related matters, helping users to address contemporary issues related to interacting with retail clients.


$40 | 50-60 minutes

This updated course offers essential knowledge about emerging cyber threats and the importance of establishing a robust information security program. This training includes video insights from a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who has safeguarded some of the world’s most critical and sensitive information. All employees of NFA-registered firms are required to participate annually in this course.


Preventing Financial Exploitation of Specified Adults

$20 | 50-60 minutes

Obtain essential knowledge and skills to safeguard our most vulnerable populations’ financial assets and dignity. Our course meets the training requirements of the Senior Safe Act and covers key sections that address various facets of financial exploitation prevention and reporting.

Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering for Financial Institutions
$30 | 40-50 minutes

Our most popular course, the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) course covers global standards for developing, deploying, and executing AML programs. It eliminates the need to use multiple AML courses if your company does business in more than one country by offering optional modules for key jurisdictions outside the U.S., including the E.U., U.K., Canada, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and New Zealand. This course also applies role-based learning to optimize the user experience and help ensure their training time is focused on issues most relevant to their role. This training is continually updated throughout the year to stay current with changes to Financial Action Task Force (FATF) ‘grey’ and ‘black’ lists, followed by FinCEN in the U.S. and applied to major financial markets.

Anti-Money Laundering for RMLOs
$30 | 40-50 minutes

In accordance with the Bank Secrecy Act, the U.S. Treasury Department has established stringent AML protocols that apply to Residential Mortgage Loan Originators. These protocols require implementing a comprehensive compliance training program specifically designed to address money laundering and fraud prevention.

Anti-Money Laundering for Registered MSBs
$30 | 40-50 minutes

This course is developed exclusively for registered Money Service Business (MSB) entities in the U.S. involved in account management and the flow of funds.

Customer Protection Rule

Customer Protection Rule (Standard Version)
$60 | 50-60 minutes

This course is designed to comply with the annual customer funds segregation training requirement of CFTC Regulation 1.11 and specifically covers customer funds protection, reporting and disclosures, risk management, reporting suspected policy breaches, and consequences of non-compliance. Our training helps ensure that individuals and entities operating within the futures and derivatives markets are well-versed in the critical regulatory requirements and responsibilities.

Customer Protection Rule (Test Through Version)
$75 | 20-30 minutes

This version of our standard course includes an optimized learning path for advanced students. Those who score 80% or higher on a 15-question assessment can satisfy their annual training requirement by “testing through” the full course material and reviewing a section focused on regulatory updates and core concepts.

Derivatives Market Conduct

$35 | 50-60 minutes

This course is designed to help traders avoid a wide range of regulatory and exchange violations, including spoofing, messaging infractions, wash sales, disruptive trading practices, market manipulation, pre-arranged trading, and other offenses.

Identity Theft Prevention

$35 | 35-40 minutes

Designed to fulfill mandatory training requirements outlined in the CFTC and SEC Red Flag Rules, this course provides a deep dive into cybersecurity, with a focus on preventing identity theft. Specific topics include risk identification, considerations around opening new accounts, program implementation, program reviews, and best practices for mitigating the likelihood of identity theft. In a continually evolving landscape of identity protection challenges, individuals will gain heightened awareness of the risks and proactive measures necessary for effective navigation.

Noncompetitive Trading

Noncompetitive Trading – U.S. Exchanges
$40 | 40-50 minutes

Navigate the intricate world of noncompetitive futures and derivatives trading with more confidence. This course focuses on U.S. exchange and CFTC requirements for executing permissible noncompetitive transactions, such as block trades and EFRPs, while steering clear of the potential pitfalls and regulatory challenges of executing these trades.

Noncompetitive Trading – Global
$55 | 50-60 minutes

Our international version is an extension of our U.S. Noncompetitive Trading course and is designed to help provide a deep understanding of major exchanges worldwide. This course builds upon the foundational knowledge covered in our U.S. version and extends its reach to major exchanges in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.



$15 | 30-40 minutes

This course provides a comprehensive exploration of sanctions with a primary focus on the United States’ sanctions programs administered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). It examines the roles played by other government agencies, such as the Department of State and the Department of Justice, in the imposition and enforcement of sanctions.


Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption (FCPA)

$30 | 30-40 minutes

This course is designed for U.S.-based businesses with international operations and interests outside of the United States to gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively navigate anti-bribery laws in all jurisdictions in which they operate. Our course offers a look into the complex and evolving landscape of anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations worldwide, with a particular focus on the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Swap Dealer Training

Swap Dealer Ethics – Periodic
$45 | 50-60 minutes

This course is designed to satisfy the CFTC and NFA ethics training requirements for Swap Dealers and their Associated Persons, and other registered individuals. An amendment to NFA Rule  2-9(d) regarding supervision confirms long-standing ethics training obligations that apply to futures registrants also extend to Swap Dealers. Drawing upon our decades-long expertise in delivering ethics training to the futures industry, we have tailored this course to specifically address Swap Dealers’ distinct requirements. This course covers various topics, including but not limited to: “Know your counterparty” requirements, Institutional suitability and safe harbor, Dealing with special entities, Conflict partitions, and Daily Marks. The customization of this training is tailored to align with the business activities of Swap Dealers, as recommended by NFA Interpretive Notice 9051. This notice emphasizes that ethics training should be somewhat aligned with a person’s registration category. Additionally, NFA believes it is appropriate for its Members to adapt their ethics training programs to the specific obligations associated with their membership category and the roles of their personnel.

Introduction to Swap Dealer Requirements
$75 | 90-120 minutes

Designed for new employees of CFTC-registered Swap Dealers, this comprehensive best practices course provides individuals a foundational understanding of industry structure and rules, supervisory systems and internal controls, avoiding conflicts of interest, counterparty considerations, and more. It is also designed to satisfy the ethics and marketing supervision training requirements so that individuals do not have to separately take those courses.

Swap Dealer – NFA Marketing Supervision Requirements
$25 | 25-30 minutes

Did you know that Swap Dealers are required to provide training on the use of marketing materials? In 2020, the NFA published Interpretive Notice 9077, which explicitly requires Swap Dealers to train employees who develop, approve, or convey marketing materials. This course is designed to satisfy this training requirement. Learn how to oversee marketing activities so they comply with regulatory requirements effectively and apply the proper governance.

Hostile Work Environment Prevention

$5 | 15-20 minutes

This course discusses the characteristics of a hostile work environment with suggestions for promoting a positive environment that includes a zero-tolerance policy, employee training and productive communication.

Regulation Best Interest

$35 | 30-40 minutes

Explore our Reg BI course for Brokers, Investment Advisers, and dually registered representatives. This course is designed to provide insight into the obligations of Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers when offering recommendations or investment advice to retail clients. Additionally, our training experience offers customized learning paths depending on an individual’s registration type.

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
$5 | 25-30 minutes

Every employer in the state of Illinois is required to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training that complies with section 2-109 of the Illinois Human Rights Act (IHRA). Our course covers all aspects of required training.

New York Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
$5 | 45-50 minutes

Every employer in the state of New York is required to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training that complies with section 201-g of New York’s Labor Law. Our course covers all aspects of required training.