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Why Bother with Market Conduct Training?

By November 27, 2017October 7th, 2021No Comments


♦Providing In-Depth Coverage♦

Market Conduct is an important component of the CFTC’s Statement of Acceptable Practices, however there are many other areas that a Futures Ethics course must address. With so much ground to cover, Ethics training can only provide a high-level overview of trading practices. Yet it’s a subject that increasingly demands in-depth coverage… and so we’ve created a Market Conduct training course to provide this coverage.

The explosion of electronic trading has coincided with a skyrocketing increase in trade practice violations and penalties. Anyone (whether registered or not) who places trades on the Exchanges is susceptible to a violation, whether deliberate or inadvertent. Traders and brokers are expected to know the oftentimes-complex rules, and ignorance is no excuse.

The U.S. Department of Justice has prosecuted several individuals for disruptive trading and spoofing. Firms are facing “Failure to Supervise” charges for the conduct of their employees and potentially their customers. When a firm or trader is interviewed by a regulator for potential trade infractions, the first question often asked is “Was training provided/received?”

Regulators are watching for spoofing, messaging infractions, wash sales, disruptive trading practices, violating bids and offers, reckless disregard for orderly execution, market manipulation, pre-arranged trading and a host of other transgressions.

Our new Market Conduct course covers the issues your employees, traders and customers need to know. Contact us today to arrange for training or to request corporate pricing.