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Cybersecurity Training Release with Important Updates

By March 30, 2017October 7th, 2021No Comments

♦Is Your Firm Up-to-Date?♦

Who needs cybersecurity training? Regulators of financial services firms across the board have either mandated training or emphasized that training is an important part of a firm’s cybersecurity practices. To meet this challenge, we released the 2017 version of our Cybersecurity Training Course on March 24 with important updates.

The need for cybersecurity training has never been more urgent. Late last year surveyed chief risk officers, heads of operational risk and other top risk practitioners at financial services firms, including banks, insurers and asset managers. Number 1 on its Top 10 list of risks facing financial firms: Cyber risk and data security

Since we first launched cybersecurity training in March of 2016, more than 5,000 professionals from 300-plus financial firms have turned to Exchange Analytics for training in this area of intense regulatory scrutiny. Current requirements and recommendations:

NFA: The Information Systems Security Programs Interpretative Notice requires all NFA members to provide their employees with cybersecurity training upon hiring and periodically during their employment. 

FINRA: In an extensive report, FINRA emphasized that a well-trained staff is an important defense again cyberattacks.

SEC: Guidance to investment companies and advisers from the Securities Exchange Commission’s Division of Investment Management in addressing cybersecurity risks is similar to the training recommendations made by FINRA.

Our Cybersecurity Training Course is available 24/7 and takes approximately 50 minutes to complete. It’s designed to satisfy regulatory training obligations while helping protect your firm and your customers. Regardless of your firm’s size, we are ready to build a dedicated portal for your firm’s students at no charge and provide administrative access so you can view/download reports, records and certificates of completion.