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♦You’re Still on Schedule to Deliver 2019 Cybersecurity Training♦

If your firm’s employees have access to computers or the physical premises (a.k.a. just about everyone), you are obligated to provide Cybersecurity training to them annually.

If you’ve delayed training in 2019, not to worry. No matter when you administered training in 2018, you’re still on schedule, because the National Futures Association gives you wiggle room:

“A Member will meet the annual requirement if it provides training at any time each calendar year.” That’s from NFA’s Cybersecurity FAQs issued earlier this year.

To beat the year-end deadline, simply give us a call or send us a spreadsheet indicating first name, last name and email address for each student.  We’ll get everyone enrolled in training ASAP (usually within an hour). If your firm doesn’t already have a dedicated portal on our system, we’ll create one at no charge.