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Just Released: Market Conduct Training Course

By November 13, 2017October 7th, 2021No Comments


♦Market Conduct Course Protects Against “Failure to Supervise”♦

Increasingly, firms are being slapped with “failure to supervise” and “insufficient training” charges for the indiscretions of their brokers, proprietary traders and even their customers. Recent cases resulting in large fines — and for the first time a prison sentence — have made it clear that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Traders and their firms can expect harsh consequences if they break the rules, intentionally or inadvertently.

Government and Exchange regulators cast a wide net monitoring for all manner of violations: Spoofing, messaging infractions, wash sales, disruptive trading practices, violating bids and offers, reckless disregard for orderly execution, market manipulation, pre-arranged trading, failures of automated trading systems and other transgressions.

THE SOLUTION: Our just-released Market Conduct course covers the issues your customers and your staff need to know to stay compliant. We believe that this type of training can go a long way to protect a firm against a potential “failure to supervise” charge, because oftentimes a regulatory inquiry begins with the question “Did you provide/receive training?”

This 50-minute course covers CME and ICE rules and regs in detail.  Exchange Analytics is a leading provider of compliance training to the futures and securities industry. Most major broker/dealers and FCMs, as well as members of every major US exchange, use our services to help meet their regulatory training requirements.
In addition to Market Conduct, we offer training for Anti-Money Laundering, Initial and Periodic Ethics, Cybersecurity, Identity Theft Prevention, Customer Protection Rule and Non-Competitive Trading. Call for corporate pricing.