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Exchange Analytics, a leading provider of regulatory compliance training and support services, today announced a strategic partnership with Ekur Advisors, a Geneva-based boutique advisory firm specializing in governance, risk and compliance, serving clients across the globe.

Joe Adamczyk, President of Exchange Analytics, said, “I have known Brian Lewis for nearly 15 years, and his new advisory practice with Phillip Goodswen will be an excellent complement to our current product offering. This partnership will allow for cross marketing of each other’s services.”

“While Exchange Analytics has clients throughout EMEA and Asia-Pacific, we are primarily serving their U.S.-based needs. This partnership will allow for Exchange Analytics’ online compliance training to be available directly on Ekur’s website, which will increase our access and visibility in the EMEA and Asia-Pacific markets. It also will expand our training offering and bring for the first-time online training courses focused on topics that are top of mind to our clients’ needs in these locations.”

Brian Lewis, Managing Director of Ekur Advisors said “No amount of processes, technology and guidelines can replace sound risk judgement. Every company is in the business of risk. It’s about understanding the expectations of regulatory authorities, and where the hard stop is that you do not cross. Fundamental to getting that right is world-class training which delivers a real understanding of what is happening now and in the future, which is why our partnership with Exchange Analytics is so crucial to 360° compliance coverage for our clients.”

About Exchange Analytics:

Established in 1993, Exchange Analytics currently provides regulatory compliance training and support services to financial firms in more than 40 countries. This includes more than 75% of U.S. clearing firms, as well as hundreds of broker-dealers, investment advisors, introducing brokers, asset managers, and trading firms. To learn how its experience and service offerings can help you, visit

About Ekur Advisors:

Ekur Advisors is a boutique consulting firm, based in Geneva, working with governmental bodies, brokerages, financial companies and major commodities houses, to bring far-sighted compliance advice and guidance. The operational processes and systems we implement are designed to work with in-house ecosystems to leverage existing data. The result, our clients remain ahead of the compliance curve and can identify risk at the appropriate time to make informed decisions. To learn how we can help your business navigate regulatory paths and pitfalls, visit: